Codman Square Health Center is a community-based, outpatient health care and multi-service center. The strength of our health center lies in both the quality of our health care providers and clinical facilities, as well as in the depth and breadth of our community services. Our staff responds to the needs of a community of 50,000 individuals in the heart of Dorchester, recording over 114,000 clinical visits last year.

59% of our patients are women

Since 1995, Men of Boston Cook has raised over 2 million dollars of crucial funds to combat women's health disparities in issues such as breast cancer, diabetes, heart disease and HIV/AIDS for over 12,800 women in Dorchester. In addition, Codman Square Health Center partners with The Healthworks Foundation to provide a women's and children's fitness center to the neighborhood. 

We go beyond providing clinical solutions to clinical conditions -- our goal is promote a culture of health in our community.

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Not able to attend Men of Boston Cook for Women's Health this year?

You can still donate to our women's health programs.